Invitation to the Consciousness Fields of
The OptiMystical Universe
exhillerate your spiritual ascentions
 Try this
In your meditations, play with the OUM mantra for ONE WEEK  .. 7 DAYS
2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes before sleep
VIDEO:  OUM  OptiMystical Universe Mantra
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when you get 'experiences' with these 'fields
send them to me and I will start a page
of testimonials
  * Somehow, this mantra's gift seems to be in astralizing our Genetical Principle
  *     in each field our GP gathers the materials of that field to
*crealate*   .......    a body of light
*  giving openess into higher states of consciousness   ~   and 'exotic' travel opportunities.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
welcoming you too, to the Gardens of Celestial Awareness
invite all of your 'love minded' friends
explore inside this site
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The Fields:
Peace of Pi,
If you have about 25 free minutes and would like to come to the
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