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The OptiMystical Universe
I have learned to
Safely ascend the Family of Universal Aziums
with this simple mantra meditation:
<< The OptiMystical Universe Mantra>>
safely open your Celestial Consciousness
one hint, each field has a 'buoyancy'  ..
this is its particular ambience
SHORT CUT   and     FULL TOUR   Experience
  .:.   Play the fields  .:.
 use the OUM mantra to:
 Meditationally travel up and down through the fields
2 mins in the morning, 2 mins at night before sleep
two weeks,
don't over do, or try to force anything
be patient, just ride the mantra wave,
like a flying carpet
you will begin to 'feel' the ambience of each field
as its particular effects through your elevated awareness
the Buoyancies
the eventual goal is Celestial Consciousness
psymultaneity with
ALL the fields
through the Active (Creasome)  Intelligence
other mind billowing exhibits to visit:
Dav*d's cloud galleries
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 Glossary  .. by popular request ..
of some OptiMystical Universe new terminology 
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