~*~ the OptiMystical Universe 'Revealation' ~*~
  We are born into Spin
I did not say Sin
 You learn something 'old' every day
it's just 'new' to you

SHORT CUT   and     FULL TOUR   

unfasten your seat belts
we are about to take off
these fields and the chakras are interrelated
 Macrocosom and Microcosom
when you are ready:
 Advanced studies include the Cosmic Kundalini  Activation
 and Light Body Crealation
  .:.   Play the fields  .:.
This mantra is a simple tool for safely exploring
the consciousness fields of the OptiMystical Universe
Celestial Consciousness
<< The OptiMystical Universe Mantra>>
If you believe in synchronicity and REVEAL~ation
consider how it is that these ideas started dancing in my active imagination
when I was very young, and then the internet was invented and then '' was still available when
I decided to freely display these ideas on the World Wide Web.
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