This web site is dedicated to HUMAN CELESTIAL CONSCIOUSNESS
~~~The OptiMystical Universe Realization~~~

Europe needed spices so Columbus had a HUNCH. . . and followed it. When Chris  sailed out he was called  'Crazy Chris'. . . . then he returned with a MAP.   And the exploration began


        I had been exploring my HUNCHES about consciousness, through yoga, meditation and other means for many years.  In one meditation I found myself walking through the Universe in a Body of Light.  YIKIES!!  From that elevated perspective I realaized many things about the available ascension of Human Consciousness, and realized some simple tools and techniques to help accellerate our ascensions.       I have brought 'back' a map.

Celestial Consciousness is the new New World

Celestial Consciousness is a natural process,  it can be accellerated!

to join the fun.... Celestial Consciousness