about Dav*d   ...   Kindergarten Clairvoyant

   Celestial Consciousness

 my mischevous path of discovery of the OptiMystical Universe:

Just a regular guy with a mischievous imagination.  Always liked science: from elementry school on Galileo, Copernicus, and explorers like these were my heroes.

college in the late '60s.   Fell in love with photosyntheses.   personal scientific exploration into psychedelic experiences.

on a hippy whim I went to a yoga ashram in Val Morin, Quebec  ...  6 months  ...  meditation and yoga  ... Swami Vishnu Devananda

and 6 months in India, in delapidated house boat on the Ganges at Varanasi

One day while playing with my nieces I had the 'eureka' buoyancy feeling that spinning into dizzyness might be an *external* ethereal swirling field  ...  I called it a sp*nazium 

(Archimedes II)   

*   *   *

this symbol came to mind as relevant to my mischevous concept:      

with an appropriate Theorem  ...  The Azium Theorem:

**momentums in curved motion int*mate aziums within infinity**

and I realized that if my theory was correct then there is, by simple physics, a cosmology of these fields intimated by the spins, orbits, and expansion of our planet, sun, and galaxy 


I became mischevously intrigued that just possibly this cosmology of azium fields, may have something to do with levels of consciousness. 

 and when I learned that the whirling Dervishes use spinning to alter consciousness, I was delighted.


In college we called the psychedelic induced state of full spectrum awareness  "Cosmic Consciousness." 
Entering full spectrum awareness, using meditation and these fields we call Celestial Consciousness

continuing ...

I started seeing an amazing world of cloud images.  My kindergarten clairvoyance was opening

 I became a cloud photographer    Cloud Galleries   and was always looking up. 


One day I looked up into the sky and said to any part of the Universe that was listening:

"Hey, this idea about the OptiMystical Universe is really cool and all of that, but

I have to know  ...  am I just wasting my time with some pipe dream.  I really don't want to be wasting time."

YIKES  I got an answer

 SIGN #1 ... 

I knew that  I was being introduced into something pretty amazing

a thin grey cloud came into my skies and embossed in an ultra violet glowing color

the symbol for Pi with an Eye in it       I called it the Pi of Consciousness

It felt alive, vibrating like a liquid string instrument and its presence was powerful and curious  ...   and          naive


(Moses encountered the Burning Bush, and Ezechiel saw the wheel spinning within a wheel,

the visitation of the  Pi with the Eye  ...   is a similar kind of historical spiritual event.)


SIGN  #2 ... 

I began meditating  into this cosmology, this trellis of cosmic fields

I meditationally ascended up through this cosmology of fields   ...  and entered the Divine Everpressence 

 feels like this

OMG is an appropriate expression here

  &  SIGN #3 ...

the coolest web site name to go with the Azium Realization of Consciousness

 when I went to 'come up with'  a web site name url, to exhibit these mischevous ideas 

   ...  delightfully,  www.consciousness.com was still available.  Thank You ~ Michael Venebles


Just a lucky string of events?  Or, as I see it, I'm just a delivery boy with an Open Invitation for everyone.


I have no doubt that everyone who wants to explore,  can easily enter into the buoyancies of these fields

with this simple technique :  OUM, The OptiMystical Universe Mantra  

"buzz words like heaven, hell, enlightenment, self realaization" .. etc  I can't in all honesty use   ... 

I like 'touring' or 'exploring'  in the Here and Now, the OptiMystical Universe


Peace of Pi,









This is IT:This is IT: