Pegasus Dream

I was walking around in my dream and I came into a room. In the room, laying on an ornate massage table was a sleeping person. I walked over to the person and was surprised to see that it was ME.

I could see that I was asleep and so I wondered about what the ME on the table was dreaming about. Somehow I got into that internal dreamer's Dream. I was high up in the air. I felt in front of me to find that I was rinding on something with smooth white skin. Soon I realized that I was on the back of Pegsus the White Flying Horse.

"This is cool" I realized "Now I can get this magical horse to take me wherever I wish." So I decided I would have Pegasus take me to visit my friends Bob and Cheryl. As soon as I had this thought, Pegasus, in a grandfatherly sort of way, gently kicked me off his back.
So, now I'm falling through the air, and Pegasus swoops down beside me. We are falling at the same speed so it's as if we are standing still. "I can't keep you on my back forever David, but I can show you how to grow your own wings."

"How?" I ask
"Remember this," Says the flying horse his mouth moving like a humans "Beauty is an invisible something that flows through form. . .absorb that something and it will be the material for your wings."
"What shall I do"
"Watch the clouds, they are beautiful, they conduit the beauty which you need for your wings."

So, I watched the clouds as they were quite cumulously animated. . .I began to feel a warmth in my heart and it seemed to spread like a petaled parachute around my body. I quit falling. Then Pegasus and I flew off somewhere, I can't remember where.

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