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   PI in the dimensions of   space,  time, and consciousness

I could not spell consciousness  ...  a friend of mine could
that's how I happen to have consciousness.com 
now, I can spell the word  ...  and I'm feeling traces of what consciousness might be, though
honestly I'm just floating out here in these fields of awareness,
My intro about 'spelling', in the following video is embarassing
that personality lacks contact skills ...   
video intro to consciousness.com

guests to this threshold page
truthfully I had to reset this number a few times
possibly randomly
so I really don't know how many people have visited
there are only a few of you  ...  10 or so per week
this number is for my own enjoyment
david@consciousness.com   206 261 3318
OptiMystical Universe Symposium
25 minutes  (you can use click through accleration)