Books By Dav*d Hargrave
Distribution Link: The price on the books are listed for the book on disk
or if your prefer, printed out on paper
Please, send 1/2 of the book price for each disk copy you gift to other like Spirit-minded people
I want you to give many, many away. . .

Cover art work is available on glossy editions, sure I'll number them for you as well.

Clouds of Consciousness

***This book is offererd on line on our "sight" consciousenss.com
$22.00, comes with photos

We are the Light Amphibians


Universal Azium Ascention

***This book is offered on line on this site. Presented in two forms
either on a scroll or on hyper linked pages.

F'Light: Universal Travel in your Bodies of Light

Idea Museum: Metaphysical lectures


Multi-Space ship Genetica


Crystonia and the Chariots of Love


If the commander were Chief


Pyrimids of Mystery


Cloud Boy


Puppet's Musical Strings

loads of beautiful illustrations
on to crossroads