1.subtle material octave. 2. Being the material from which ideas are made.
3. Based on the same genetical principles as physical genetics, only in the mental octave of material.
4. Where static memory is menta genetically stored.

Why do we call ideas conceptions? It's because they are. . .
on a mentagenetical plane.
It's enough to say that as the earth travels round the sun, in its wake is left
seeds of thought, conceptions. They exist in a spyramenta~.~genetical doughnut. Each idea is uniquelly attatched
by gentical identity with the person who seeded it there. . . .and this seed, is nurtured and vivified by
the simple emanations for the elaborations of life: coming from the Sun
Solar Mana. .
They grow there and develop like seeds planted in any garden.

Now as Summer is ending and I start to feel the football stadium, deeply. Just for example. The memories which fill
my mind, the feelings, the light. . .the crowd. . .are they engendered by the season, or are they Living
in that season, awaiting my return. .in the Mentagenetical Doughnut?
Has it happened to you that a memory just floats into your consciousness, out of the blue.
Common wisdom says that the memory is "triggered" by something around you at the time. I believe that
the memory has been planted in the wake of the Earth as it orbits the sun, and as you approach that
point in the orbit you are reunited with your mentagenetical conception.

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