The key to understanding Universal Azium Ascention
*Become as children*

Momentum in curved motion
intimate Aziums
Within Infinity

You know what "momentum" and what "curved motion" is, you may want to look up
"azium" in your dictionary. Don't bother, it isn't there, yet, as of 1998.

Actually,the best way to know an azium is to intimate one for yourself.
You won't need an extensive laboratory, not a test tube nor a bunsen burner

Actually, all you have to do is to become a momentum in curved motion
and you will intimate an azium for yourself. . . .ready to experiment???

To become a momentum in curved motion simply stand up and ( Momentum )spin around a few times.
Now stop.
That which continues to spin ethereally around you is an() azium.

A simple spin azium

As you will see, an azium, like the one which continues to spin ethereally around you
has some interesting properties: it seems to float, it also seems to bend light
as you can see by looking out through it. It makes everything wavey. . .
so it has properties of fluids, I believe it is some kind of ethereal, fluid-crystalinity
What do you think?

I hope everyone will take a little spin, no matter how long it's been, since the last time
your rolled down a hill, or had airplanes rides from your Uncle
this little ritual is really the key to understanding everything which follows.