For 20 years I had been, looking into the skies, taking cloud photographs and
Heavenly Seal of Approvalwriting and rewriting the books on Universal Azium Ascention
I, naturally, began wondering whether I was wasting precious time.
I  look up and call out
to any part of the Universe that might be listening 
"I know all this OptiMystical Universe stuff is really, really,cool, and
it gets me HIGH just playing with it
But I have to know     .:.     Am I just
wasting time?
I DON'T want to be 'wasting time'"
Reassuringly, a vision appeared in the sky
embossed from a thin grey cloud
over my house
((visions have a different texture of light
this was one of    .:.    these))


It was the symbol for PI with an Eye in it,
The symbol, embossed , as an ultra violet glow,

through a thin gray/violet cloud quilt,

came over my head

vibrating it's presence  .:.  right through me



vibrating with a presence which felt/sounded like an orcestration of liquid stringed instruments 

The presence of power, curiosity and naivete

As when Moses saw the Burning Bush

<<< which interestingly is Exodus 3:14  which happens to be NUMERICAL PI ! >>>

or Ezechial saw the Wheel in the sky, this seemed to be a Holy event.  to me anyway!
One of those Times when the Divine brings a Gift of Knowledge to the Human Race.
And now I pass this gift to you.
Litterly, PI in the dimention above 3 dimentional space, the circularity of Life and Spirit, ETERNITY.

what goes around comes around

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