It is said that Christ said "Become as Children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven"
And I ask, what is more childlike than spinning around until slightly dizzy??
The key to your understanding of The OptiMystical Universe is for you to
make a little centrifugal field of your own.

So, stand up and spin around a few times, and then stop!

What continues to spin around you for a while
is an azium, a centrifugal field of ethereal energy
Children call it 'dizzy' I call it an azium. . . a simple spin~azium

whirling dervish dervish fields
The Whirling Dervishes, a mystcial sect of the Sufi
alter their consciousness by spinning
they are creating centrifugal fields
These fields have something to do with altering states of consciousness.


The Universe is a sublime mechanism of spinning and orbiting
celestial bodies, creating a simple cosmology of 7 Celestial Centrifugal fields

Higher Consciousness is an intimate relationship with these fields!
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