The CREASOME, The New Wine
<<<<This is the most important realization on >>>

Duality is the interplay of opposites. From the Polarity of the Earth's North and South poles, to electrons and protons, up/down, male/female, in/out, yin/yang.....all these pairs are examples of dualities.

Perhaps the epitome of this Duality is Genetical Life.
In genetical life forms we have this Yin/Yang seen as the chromosomes from the mother combining with chromosomes from the father, to create a new offspring. (Yin/Yang-Union in Oriental philosophy)

Taking this one step closer to Source, since God does not have a mother or father, then God is not a product of Duality, so God is not duality, not Chromosomal. This leads us to the idea that God is CREASOMAL.

My guess is that God's nature is CREASOMAL, other than Duality, though not it's opposite
Duality comes from somewhere, I propose that Duality is manifested, or crealated,  from this CREASOMAL, non dualistic, level of Existence.