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Through my life, many ideas concerning human consciousness have come to me.  The information on this web site 

is birthed through these insights.  On 2 occasions I have asked the Universe directly for help in understanding the full import of what

I was being 'given.'

Once when I asked if I was 'just wasting precious time,'    ...   an aswer came as a thin grey cloud floated overhead with an embossed in an ultraviolet luminescence

the symbol for Pi with an eye in it.  Emanating beautiful musical vibrations, power, curiosity and naivete  .. 

  looked something like this   

><><> a couple of months ago, on a curious whim, I looked into the Old Testament, to read about when

Moses met the Burning Bush  ..  I was delighted to find it is in Exodus 3:14 which is numerical for Pi <><><

Yesterday 4.4.22  I asked the Universe if this was actually a gift from God for humanity, and if I should say so on the top of

this page  .. www.consciousness.com  And I specifically asked that I be sent hail to let me know.

I did not see any hail   ..  and today, a friend of mine asked me "Did you see the hail yesterday?

Hailstones as big as the top joint of my pinky finger."  and then he said

"It only happened for less than a minute."

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Dav*d Hargrave