Mission Statement for
this OptiMystical Web Sight

An Interesting Idea floated into my very Active Imagination about 30 years ago
And I have been playing with the possibilities which this Idea presents ever since.

The basic gist of this OptiMystical Idea is:
The Universe is a 7 runged ladder, of cintrifugal energy fields,
(With the spin of the earth at the bottom and the expansion of the Galaxy at the TOP)
upon which Life is Ascending
The higher the Universal rung, the higher the state of consciousness Life encounters
Humanity has been unconsciously playing on the bottom 2 rungs of this ladder,
Instinct and Intellect,
for a long while
Now, with this idea as a guide
I have designed some meditational techniques
making it is possible to CONSCIOUSLY ascend into the higher rungs of this universal ladder
thus attaining the higher levels of consciousness inherent in each ascending step.
This web site: www.consciousness.com is dedicated to presenting this idea to the world
and an invitation to curious people to join in the conscious ascention of our Universe
and to enjoy the blessings of higher relationships which this Ascention awakens.

Previous Reveal*ations (Moses, Christ, Buddha, and the other blessed Messengers) have taught
the lessons of how to be Terrestrial Humanity

The New Reveal*ation of
will awaken CELESTIAL HUMANITY to Life in the Greater Universe

Peace of Cake!
Dav*d Hargrave

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