The Evolution of Consciousness
The Old and the New

You will recognize the pyrimid symbol as it is seen displayed on the $1 bill
This is the symbol of the Age we will ascend from
The symbol of the PI with an Eye in it.
Which I actually saw as a vision in the clouds
This is the Gateway Symbol for the Age we ascend into.

The Age We Leave Behind God is not at the
top of a pyrimid
looking down on us!

This is simply the
most 3-deist
idea possible!

The Pi of Consciousness
Pi with the Eye
I saw this curious cloud vision in July of 1996
Emanations of vibrations of sublime innocence and curiosity

I believe it to be a message from Above
A gift to Humanity
A gateway symbol for Life's Ascention

  We ascend into Multi-dimentional Light

Naturally, we have trapped God in the prison of our pyrimideal, 3 dimentional
Now God has invited us to explore Divinity and ourselves
From a Multidimentional Platform of Understanding.

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