Sunflower Accellerator
Use this in Peace

Chakral Sensor..

Hello everyone,
Gaze into this sunflower
appreciate the spiral pattern
while feeling the area around your heart
you will feel the spiral patterns of your heart chakrah
The power is the spiral pattern!
Allow this Essence power to condiut through the Pattern which you see(the sunflower)
from the
pattern which you intuitively feel as your chakral patterns
and finally from levels beyond
all possible knowing from without
The rarest of gems, cannot be faceted from the outside
It is faceted from the Inside
It is the
Allow the outflowing Essencial energies
flowing through the spiral chakral patterns
to facet blessings through the crystalized, and yet ready for solution
simple intricacies of our World
This is going to be a Peace of Cake
David Hargrave