I'll go first:
It became obvious to me that in simple physics
there is a cosmology of centrifugal fields with the spin of the earth
at the bottom and the expansion of the galaxy
at the top.
I realized that they might have something to do
with levels of human consciousness.
then my imagination started to play
with the mantra using the musical scale and the
fields together
eventually, I ascended  into the Divine Everpressence.
as a Gift from OMG
Since then, I have been slowly returning in an
upward ascension.
tell us about your experiences


I have to tell you. I came across a comment of yours linked to your optimistical map site.

The level of resignation is something I've never experienced before. I feel drawn to learn from you.

I'd like to expand my consciousness and capacity. I was not aware of the fields you spoke about the spins and orbits of the planets.. Ive travel the universe before but not in that way. I felt the entire universe at once in divine everrpressence 

It's really power, raw, and real stuff you're putting out from almost 20 years ago well before the group started waking up. It's timeless. In one of your post you mention that too. I apologize It's just amazing to me how much of a connection I feel to you and relations to your beliefs, perspectives, and philosophies, and I've only watched maybe 10 of your videos. I'm grateful you crossed my path.