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Cloud Visionaries from Around the World


A dear friend of mine Beth,  who actually has been collecting heart shaped rocks for a long while

took this photo on one of her flights

Maria Alice from Rio De Janeiro with her Brazilliant Sublime entities

Maralis has a web site open for visitation
http://www.flowers.fot.br come visit my gardens enjoy
Sublime Entity One
Sublime Entity 2
Sublime entity 3
Sublime entity 4
little duckie

Here are some images seen by Alan, from the Isle of Man. Alan also has a site on the Internet

http://homepages.enterprise.net/alans/index.html the skies no longer the limit!

alan's eagle
Great White Eagle
Horse and towers
Horse and Towers
Flying Horse
Sky Horse
She Watches
She watches over us

This picture taken outside our home in Bixby OK. My daughters were playing outside and my oldest daughter hurried in and asked for the camera and I found it and ran outside. There, was a picture of a face in the clouds. my daughters name is Isabel, she is 13 years old. I always tell here that she has her "head in the clouds." Thanks again Norma Bixby, OK Jesus in the Clouds
Isabel see's a face over Bixby,OK!!

I've heard there are photos of Jesus in the Clouds
and I am delighted that Alan Arseneau is sharing this one with us!!

david the story the wonan just gave me is: a woman was taking her son to a healing campaign in the states, she looked to the clouds and thought they were so nice that she took a picture of them. After she had them developed she noticed the image in the clouds. The photo shops here date the photo at mid to early 70's. It's on Kodak paper that is sandwich between thin plastic like films, the front has a velvet like dotted pattern and the corners were slightly rounded.
Jesus in the Clouds
Jesus in the Clouds

Mija Angel
Miha's Angel
Mija Angel
Miha's Angel Emphasized
Miha Kopcic saw this interesting angel and used his cellphone
to capture this photo
"Can you see me??? Good!!!!"
Gaze into the Garden
Gaze into the garden

Ardeth Peacock captures layers of realities
combining time and perspective depth in photography
as if through the many faceted eye of a bee or an inkling of
multi-dimentional consciousness

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