Clouds of Consciousness

The images that we see in the clouds are 'cloud Veiled Thought Forms'
and levels of Life that exist invisibly
and by resonnance can be veiled by clouds

WE are the Light Amphibians...
Cloud Gallery #1
Cloud Gallery #2
Cloud Gallery #3
Cloud Gallery #4
New Clouds
by Dav*d Hargrave

Guest Gallery
Clouds from around
the World

Guest Gallery Two
wonderful clouds
from the expanding family of cloud watchers

Imaginairy Art
by Dav*d Hargrave

Clouds of Consciousness
The "Cloud Veil" Phenomenon
Cloud Veiled Thought Forms Observations and mischevious possibilities
Kindergarden Clairvoyance
So, you See Life in the Clouds, Too??!!
Clairvoyant Vision of the Angel
Secrets of the Angel REVEALED!!
Evolution of Consciousness
The Pi with the Eye,
the PI of Consciousness,
shows us the way
to ultimate freedom.
2nd sight of
the Angel

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