Angelinium, the Azium() intimated by the magestic ()spinning of the Sun, fills our Solar system with
its pressence.
All vibrations need mediums to travel across, like sound vibrating air, or a pond rippling
from a raindrop. . . . .Angelinium is a medium of rare consciousness. Angelinium, likened to Light,
is rippled with very delicate vibrations. Emotions ESPishly ripple Angelinium. With a little practice
we can feel the presence of loved ones, and ourselves, afloat in Angelinium (feels like this) whether they are across the room or around the world
Angelinium, is an extention of your spiritual consciousness, it is like a spiritual telescope.
Within Angelinium is the magnitized images of everything that has happened to you and by you, only
it is a much broader vista of the events in our lives. It is a wholly spirit, a complete multidimentional
awareness of events from all sides at once..
Angelinium is the world of pure, non judgmental, appreciation. For here,
we emotionally *see* our loved ones rippling this delicate ocean. We feel vibrations of light
in petaled sensitivity rippling the Angelinium like we see ripples in a pond from a floating lotus.
We experience Angelinium accidentally in our lives. At times when we "fall in love,"
we are actually lifted into this subtle vibrational medium where we appreciate our loved one.
During emotional events, we experience Angelinium for a while, and then we drop back down
into lower, territorial, azium experience where we live most of our lives
remembering the Angelinium awareness only like a vague dream

Angelinium, intimated by the magestic spinning of our Sun
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