The momentums in curved motions of our Planet Earth, our Sun, and even our Milky Way Galaxy
intimate a set of 7 Aziums I call the Family of Universal Aziums
OUM OptiMystical Universe Mantra  VIDEO 

Life ascends this "Azium" ladder, much like a vine climbing a trellis. At each azium level, Life finds a world of
relationship patterns. The ascension of the first 2 rungs, Instinct and Intellect, is accomplished unconsciously, over millions of years. . . .
CONSCIOUS ascension is needed to accelerate this process of LIFE'S elevation
into higher more beautiful human relationship patterns. Universal Azium Ascention is a key to the
accelerated Conscious Evolution of Humanity

I feel it is important to be very honest here.  A few years ago, 10 or so  <<2010>>, I did ascend up through these fields
into an experience I have called the Divine Everpressence
OMG is a valid expression for this experience
Just the One time.
 Since then I have been slowly re~ascending up through the fields
and I am sensing that it's not about getting to the top;
it's about feeling the buoyancies of all the fields psymultaneously.
They seem to be carrying me upward, or inward  ..  I have learned a kind of patience.
 with transistions between fields.  It's not a conquest,  it is an answering a loving invitation.
Kind of like Ulysses in the Odyssey  ..  at first he was blown all the way back to Ithaca,
only to be blown back to 'square one,' where his Odyssey began again

I recommend you start with the bottom rung, Spinazium, and ascend your way up

Family of Universal Aziums
Motion Azium Expression In Life
Momentum *
Divine Everpressence

Expansion of Galaxy


Orbit of Galaxy

Transendental Awareness

Spin of Galaxy


Orbit of the Sun


Evolving Memory, inspiration

Spin of the Sun


Emotion, appreciation

Orbit of the Earth


Intellect, Static memory

Spin of the Earth


Instinct, Animalean evolution

and chakras
Universal Aziums
and chakras
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Prophecy page

Blessings on to Spinazium
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