Divine Everpressence
A holy place 

As the (*.*)* communicates, here we have awareness of everything.
this is how it felt to me when
meditationally ascended the trellis of the
OptiMystical Universe
I was lifted
into the Divine Everpressence
Now, I don't claim that this is Satori or Nirvana
(((I don't know anything for sure)))
OK here's what happened  .:.  I'd better give you a heads up
I started to laugh at myself
"Dav*d here you are,  outside of the Universe
and you are still
looking down on yourself way down on Earth  ... 
Look Around OUT here!!"
and as I did it felt like there were zillions of faces
on my head
and each,  well
it felt like I was seeing into all space and all time
it may feel different to you
let me know,
I am curious how other people will experience the Divine Everpressence
from here you can turn your face in all directions
and into directionlessness

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OUTWARD into all other worlds of existence,
down through all and any of the azium ladders
of the OptiMystical Universe. >>>
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