Pyramideal Distribution of Energies

Evidently the Sun(thank God) had the urge to raise the vibrational state
of our planet, long before there was any life-forms here.

It accomplished the feat in two ways: first, much like a giant hydro electric dam
it began "stepping down" its massive voltage, in a pyramideal distribution pattern
And just like the High voltage wires coming from a dam go through transformers
which change the high voltages into useable current, (so we can use our toasters
without blowing up the neighborhood.) . . . .so too, does the Sun transform its power
in a pyramideal distribution pattern. .
These distribution pyramids slowly become materialized, when covered by the
genetical material veil. These pyramideal distribution patterns
then become "fleshed out" as the Animalean pecking orders, and territorial behavior patterns

The second way the sun changes the vibrational state of the Earth
is to store photons on the Earth's sphere. To do this the Sun "invented"
photosynthesis. Despite the commonly held wisdom the carbons of the earth did not
decide to capture photons. . .know. . .photosynthesis the sun's way to store photons
on our planet, as a means of raising the vibrational state of the Earth!!
The sun uses photosynthesis to accomplish its own tasks
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