As the Earth spins(), it intimates the ()Azium


Imagine for a moment
within this Azium () is an intermesching of energies in () curved motions, each of these motions creating
()inner aziums. . . . . the culminations of all this energy gear working, is the
blue print for Animalean Instinctual Evolution.
Before there were geese migrating north and south, there were flows of () energies
already doing it. Pre existing the pecking orders in nature, there ARE pyramideal distributions
of energies
The animals, we see, are simply the genetical material veil (),
on top of these
reciprocating, ()interrelated energies.

Spinazium intimated by the spin of the Earth
The Energy Blueprint for Instinctual Relationships, such as territoriality and pecking orders.

We were born into SPIN
I did not say SIN

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