Sublime Space Travel
Learning to use the Universal Aziums as a means of Universal Space Travel

Basically, in each Azium, Great Nature gives you a body. Your physical body, is the Spinazium Body

You have a mental body in Orbazium. . . .each ascending azium is a subtle material with which your
ascending genetical principles can use to form BODIES OF LIGHT.
You are "given" a body to walk the earth, is it not natural that each world (Azium) you rise into will
also have a body for you to move around in and experience that world with. Of course. . .bodies of light
can be formed with your personal genetic and the material of each azium.

Once you understand this, you will be able to travel through Angelinium in your Angelinial Light Body, and then
travel through the Galacial Aziums in your Galacial Light Bodies.

Wherever you wish to go in the Universe Today
Travel with Universal Azium Ascention and Sublime Space Travel!
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