Simple Excercises To get you Started
For Exploring the New Worlds of Experience

*Feel the "Round" of the Earth.* *Go ou for sunsets and sunrises. Feel the spinning, you will be able to.
The Beatles' "Fool on the Hill" feels the world spinning 'round.

*Consider the Year, remembering seasons and annual events, a subtle centirfugal impression
eventually will be felt. When you think of the year, do not think of the flat calendar
on your wall. Remember the orbit is round, and so is the year
*Take these ideas out of your head. Remember, and KNOW, we are on a spinning planet.
This is the Truth, not just something which we believe.
Stand on the spinning planet!
Stand on this orbiting sphere. Feel the centrifugal impressions, these Aziums.

*Practice the OUM OptiMystical Universe Meditation



As you sing the scale: DO, RE, MI etc.(in your mind) think about and try to focus
on the impression of each Azium. Soon you will be able to let go of the mental words and
simply feel each Azium. The Universal Aziums exist as a Grand Octave. Meditationally, travel up and down this Ladder.

Think of someone you love, whether they are across the room or around the world.
While you ascend into the different Aziums on the Universal Ladder,
you will feel in a mental/emotional way your loved ones!
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