Cloud Veil Phenomena
Through years of cloud observations I have come to the curious conclusion that the images we see in the clouds, are actually cloud veiled thought forms and levels of Life invisible to the eye; which can be veiled by clouds, into visibility.
David Hargrave
cloud veiled thought form llama... cloud veiled thought form llama...

When my daughter was born, and she was with my wife in the hospital that first night, I spent hours drawing teddy bears, doing playful antics......when I came out of the house. . .I saw teddy bears galore peaking at me from behind a skyfull of puffy cumulus!
Later when my daughter was 4 or 5 she really wanted a kitten. We took a walk that evening to discuss daddies allergies, and I looked up and saw the skies filled with cuddly little cloud kittens. How could I refuse my daughters skies. She got her kitten!
My wife and I design jewlery. When we had spent days designing and eagle pin, I saw the exact same image as a wing stretched cloud, and when we made a pin for the PBS station KUAC in Fairbanks, Alaska (they had asked for a Canadian Goose design) . . .once again the sky images were perfectly anatomical geese.
I often observe great geese clouds during the beginnings of migration seasons, and salmon clouds during the salmon runs
The Llama Cloud, above left, was taken when I was designing pins for the Museum in Memphis where an Inca show was exhibiting and the buyer wanted something with a llama on it. . . .and the cat cloud formed over our house in Seattle, while our cat was having kittens. Disconnected accidents of vapor and wind???? Or cloud veiled thought forms. . .?!!? By now, you know what I think, and a little about the observations which have opened my eyes to the skies.
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