Kindergarden Clairvoyance

A clairvoyant is a person who has the ability to see levels of light which
the eye cannot see. How this is possible, and if this is possible,
is often the topic of great debate.

People who can see auras,
and energy fields around living things are often not taken seriously by scientists.
This is because the clairvoyant
does not use an instrument like a microscope or a telescope to see these fields.

The clairvoyant is using delicate levels of personal sensitivity, which allow them to "photosynthetically" appreciate these
more subtle levels of Life energy Light. A person who has not developed
this ability cannot know what it is like. And as such can naturally tend
to say it is "not true."

cloud veiled thought form or ghost... artist's rendering of clairvoyant's description...

Here are two pictures.

1) The drawn picture has been taken from a special book,Hands of Light,
written by a clairvoyant Barbara Ann Brennan. She tells an artist what the aura looks like and the artist does the drawings for her book. I highly recommend you read this book.
2)The second is a photo which I took in Mexico, I call this Marley's Ghost.
What I want to point out is the funnel coming from the head of the Ghost and from the clairvoyant's description of the Human Energy Field.
Here we have a photograph which shows what the clairvoyant is seeing.
Here we have some very compelling evidence concerning auras and ghosts

Those of you who look up into the skies, and see Levels of Life, in the cloud veils, are actually in the first stages of realizing clairvoyant abilities.

This is why I call us the Kindergarden Clairvoyants. You know who you are, or you may have guessed that these amazing things that you see are more than just accidental wisps of vapor and wind.

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