The Evolution of Consciousness
The Old and the New

You will recognize the pyrimid symbol as it is seen displayed on the $1 bill
This is the symbol of the Age we will ascend from
The symbol of the PI with an Eye in it.
Which I actually saw as a vision in the clouds
This is the Gateway Symbol for the Age we ascend into.

The Age we ascend from
The Age We Leave Behind
God is not at the
top of a pyrimid
looking down on us!

This is simply the
most 3-deist
idea possible!
The Pi of Consciousness
Pi with the Eye
I saw this curious cloud vision in July of 1996
Emanating vibrations of sublime innocence and curiosity
I believe it to be a message from Above
The BURNING BUSH for Universal Azium Ascention
A gift to Humanity
A gateway symbol for Life's Ascention
The Age We Ascend into
We ascend into Multi-dimentional Light
Naturally, we have trapped God in the prison of our pyrimideal, 3 dimentional
Now, God has invited us to explore Divinity and ourselves
With our Spiritual Minds
From a Multidimentional Platform of Understanding.

Just as God told Moses **Free my Children from the Pharoahs' Pyrimids**
He now says **I will help you to
free yourselves from
3 dimentional, pyrimideal thinking**

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