(prof'e-si) n. [pl. PROPHECIES (-siz)], [ME. prophecie; OFr. prophecie, prophetie; LLP. prophetia; Gr. prophetieia, prophetes] 1. Prediction of the future under the influence of divine guidence; act or practice of a prophet. 2. Any prediction 3. Something prophesied or predicted; specifically the utterance or utterances of a prophet.

Christ told his apostles *I will return in a time of great wonders*
They asked "how will we know it is You"
He said:

"...and in those times (the end times)..."
you will see the Son of Man
coming in the clouds..."
Mark 13:26

"Be assured I go before you
to prepare the Way"
Jesus Christ 33 A.D.

As amazing as it seems, especially to me,
I may be the answer to that Prophecy

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