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Dav*d Hargrave's

The OptiMystical Universe Consideration


a new technique for higher consciousness

It is easy when we Play the Universal Fields

yes, this is a cloud veiled angel

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**We are born into Spin


I do not say Sin**

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Celestial Kundalini

 <<<<<<<<<<<<< Higher mind IS mental meiosis >>>>>>>>>>>>

For those of you who may have studied Kundalini Yoga

If you would like to bring your experience to THE higher Cosmic Level

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 Glossary of OptiMystical Universe Terms 




The Rose Window of Notre Dame  .:.  meets the Tibetan Prayer Wheel  .:.  meets the Ezekiel's Wheel






Optimystical Universe Mantra


When using this mantra, please, keep it simple.  Just a couple of minutes before sleep

and when you awake.  If it is right for you, soon you will begin to feel the

buoyancies of these celestial fields.  


with practice we can establish conscious awareness in each of these fields.



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 Time Body Mantra

Use a broad 'time brush' and travel forward and back through your time body

don't worry about details.  soon the mantra will wave by itself. 

  The Time BEING




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 examples of Kindergarten Clairvoyance


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