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here is a more beneficial way to look at the human situation:

**We are born into Spin


I do not say Sin**




The OptiMystical Universe Technique reveals the useful existence of a cosmology of universal fields to be the underlying blue print for levels of Human Consciousness.




                                                     when you wish to

go anywhere, it is

helpful to have a MAP

after many years of thinking about this Rumi quote, I've come to  realize that when he said 'that you might 'transcend it.'   means going beyond the concept of these fields, and transcending into the Reality of the fields.

Let this notion be a conceptual stepping stone into the Gardens of Celestial Awareness




When you 'try out' this technique, send me an email

let other poeple know what you are experiencing

so that more people will feel safe in awakeing into

the OptiMystical Universe.

Thank you,



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**We are born into Spin


I do not say Sin**

when you realize this to be truth, you have ascended into Angelinium,

 the first field above Intellect


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Celestial Kundalini

as Below so Above

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 contact me directly,  when you have questions, epiphanies and testimonials.




video intro to

 Watching my intro video I am embarassed about the 'spelling of the word consciousness' remark.  Yikes
the reason is that when I went to make up a name for a web sight
my buddy Michael runs over and says "consciousness is still available"
and I say "Michael, I can't spell the word, are you sure this is the right spelling?"
"Oh yes yes" he said, in a glow of excitement  ..  and this is how it happens that the
Optimystical Universe is here on this very amazing URL
forever thanking you Michael Venebles

 Glossary of OptiMystical Universe Terms 




The Rose Window of Notre Dame  .:.  meets the Tibetan Prayer Wheel  .:.  meets the Ezekiel's Wheel





Optimystical Universe Mantra


When using this mantra, please, keep it simple.  Just a couple of minutes before sleep

and when you awake. <<and maybe once in your dream>> You will begin to feel the

buoyancies of these celestial fields.  

this is the first stage of ascention into the Divine Everpressence.



with practice we can establish conscious awareness in each of these fields.

and eventually, being PsyMultaneous, with them All



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 Time Body Mantra

Use a broad 'time brush' and travel forward and back through your time body

don't worry about details.  soon the mantra will wave by itself. 

  The Time BEING




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