Goal for this web site:  Celestial Humanity


Basically, I'll really enjoy as other people

 use the path/technique that revealed itself to me, the OptiMystical Universe,

to ascend into the Divine EverPressence.

as I have been blessed to experience.


I have the most curious of optimystical feelings, that this is a gift from OMG

for everyone to enjoy   ...    not just me

 <>  <<was, minor miraculously, still available when I needed a url>>

to share this Insight with everyone on the world, so you can share it, tooooooooooooooo 

Peace of Pi    ..  Dav*d

The OptiMystical Universe 'Revealation'

a  Hargravean technique for 'conscious higherness'


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**We are born into Spin


I do not say Sin**

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Celestial Kundalini

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If you have any art, music,video skills, story telling ..

we can highlight your OptiMystical Universe work here on this site.

that way more people will understand what we are offering,

and get the benefits of Celestial Consciousness.




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 Glossary of OptiMystical Universe Terms 




The Rose Window of Notre Dame  .:.  meets the Tibetan Prayer Wheel  .:.  meets the Ezekiel's Wheel






Optimystical Universe Mantra


When using this mantra, please, keep it simple.  Just a couple of minutes before sleep

and when you awake. <<and maybe one in your dream>> You will begin to feel the

buoyancies of these celestial fields.  

this is the first stage of ascention into the Divine Everpressence.

and the path extends to greet us


with practice we can establish conscious awareness in each of these fields.

and eventually, being PsyMultaneous, with them All



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 Time Body Mantra

Use a broad 'time brush' and travel forward and back through your time body

don't worry about details.  soon the mantra will wave by itself. 

  The Time BEING




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 examples of Kindergarten Clairvoyance


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