I believe it is a Divine Synchronicity  ~:~  after a lifetime of epiphanies about the

ascending possibilities of Human Consciousness that


was available for me to display these ideas world wide


The OptiMystical Universe


We are born into Spin
I do not say Sin


~ 1 ~

 Family of Universal Aziums 

 ~~ Ascend the Universe, as a Ladder of levels of Awareness ~~

 I suggest you start at the bottom, Spinazium, and ascend up through the cosmology

into the Divine Everpressence

Motion Azium Expression In Life
Momentum *
Divine Everpressence

Expansion of Galaxy


Orbit of Galaxy

Transendental Awareness

Spin of Galaxy


Orbit of the Sun


Evolving Memory, inspiration

Spin of the Sun


Emotion, appreciation

Orbit of the Earth


Intellect, Static memory

Spin of the Earth


Instinct, Animalean evolution

These fields are always passing through us

now, we can 'tune' into them

for Hgher Human Celestial consciousness



 ~ 2 ~
I have found this simple mantra to be helpful in my ascentions


OptiMystical Universe Mantra


~ 3 ~

Use the O.U.M., mantra, with the Time Body Mantra to facilitate accellerated ascensions

 Time Body Mantra

Use a broad 'time brush' and travel forward and back through your time body.

Don't worry about details.  Soon the mantra will wave by itself. 

The continuum of your Life as Being

  The Time BEING




 Video intro to consciousness.com




I believe that all you need is the above 3 items to get your 'ascention' results.


The rest of this web site, entering through Index Prime

is basically to show the epiphanies and dreams

that have come to me as I am becoming  'acclimated' to these Universal fields.   


I can only deeply apologize to you, if my presentation gets in the way

of your own ascention explorations. 

It is said 'we each have our own path' and I entirrely agree.

This OptiMystical Universe Path

does seem to be pretty Universally open for everyone.




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if you ever wish to talk with me about this realization

contact me  ..  I suppose we can even set up a zoom collaboration.