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OptiMystical Universe Technique for Higher consciousness




On this site we explore how levels of Human Consciousness

are in a direct interactive relationship with a simple

cosmology of 7 fields 

produced by the actual spins and orbits of our planet, sun, and galaxy.

In each 'field' Life displays specific relationship patterns; levels of consciousness.



 If, by chance, you like exploring higher states of consciousness,

through meditations, yoga, and other means; then give the OptiMystical Universe Technique

a try. 


Consider the following 3 'insights':


~ 1 ~

 Family of Universal Aziums 

 ~~ Ascend the Universe, as a Ladder of levels of Conscious Awareness ~~

Life is like a vine, naturally climbing a trellis into Light; finding levels of consciousness on each rung of the ascention. 

This 'trellis' is the OptiMystical Universe Cosmology

        The bottom two rungs Instinct and Intellect have been attained unconsciously through millions of years  ..  Now with the aid of a tool like the OptiMystical Universe Revealation,  we can further ascend CONSCIOUSLY to accelerate our ascentions into higher levels of Human Celestial Consciousness.



Motion Azium Expression In Life
Momentum *
Divine Everpressence

Expansion of Galaxy


Orbit of Galaxy

Transendental Awareness

Spin of Galaxy


Orbit of the Sun


Evolving Memory, inspiration

Spin of the Sun


Emotion, appreciation

Orbit of the Earth




Intellect, Static memory


Spin of the Earth


Instinct, Animalean evolution


 ~ 2 ~
I have found this simple mantra to be helpful in my ascentions


OptiMystical Universe Mantra


~ 3 ~

Use the O.U.M. mantra, with the Time Body Mantra, to facilitate accellerated ascensions

 Time Body Mantra

Use a broad 'time brush' and travel forward and back through your time body.

Don't worry about details.  Soon the mantra will wave by itself. 

The continuum of your Life as Being

  The Time BEING




 Video intro to consciousness.com



The first step is to use this technique to transistion into the benefits of the

Spin field of the Sun.

Once this transition is attained you can guide other people into

this blessed consciousness and together explore the higher Celestial Fields.

Celestial Humanity is the fruit of the Universe of Life


Unfasten your seat belts

we are about to take off.


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